Finding Truth Through Fantasy.


A friend on Twitter turned me on to another writing contest run by author Vivian Kirkfield, and I decided to enter. 50 words is a teeny tiny amount, but entrants still had to write a full story – beginning, middle, and end. I pulled something I wrote a while ago in my phone’s notes app, trimmed 14 words from it, and submitted it to the contest. (The submission and the original are both below.)

Here’s what I entered:

And here’s the original (with the extra 14 words).

I was a nobody
Until I met somebody
Who loved me for me,
summed body and soul.
Together a webody.
We could make a wee body,
Then we’d be three bodies,
Four bodies,
More bodies–
Together an usbody.
Together a trust body,
Who love you for you
Who love me for me.
What do we call us?
We call us a family.

Here’s a link to the contest. Everyone’s entries are in the comments.

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