Adam Thomas

I spent the first 32 years of my life not playing Dungeons and Dragons.

I have no idea why.

I have always been a storyteller – there was that mystery I wrote when I was seven or eight – but aside from my debut novel Letters from Ruby (Abingdon 2013) I never finished a story I started. I was good at beginnings but always faltered somewhere around the thousandth word. Then I found Critical Role about three weeks after they launched their D&D livestream in 2015, and my imagination leveled up.

I began running a D&D campaign late that summer in a world of my own creation called Sularil. I wrote adventures for my players: mostly mysteries at first, and then tales rife with political intrigue, demonic intrusion, and divine intervention. The standalone novels came next, and (for the first time since I had to finish a novel because of a publishing contract) I wrote a story from beginning to end. I independently published The Storm Curtain in 2017, and eight other fantasy novels set in Sularil have followed. You can find them all on this website and purchase them from Amazon in paperback or ebook form.

Beyond planning D&D games and writing books, I am an Episcopal pastor and progressive follower of Jesus. You can read or watch my sermons at wherethewind.com. I also produce a podcast called The Podcast for Nerdy Christians, write songs, and design interior and cover layouts for books. I live in Mystic, CT with my spouse Leah and our twins.